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Asian Research Center for Migration
Asian Research Center for Migration
Asian Research Center for Migration

The Asian Research Center for Migration (ARCM) is a unit of the Institute of Asian Studies at Chulalongkorn University. Established as the Indochinese Refugee Information Center in 1987 and reconstituted as ARCM in 1995, the Center was recognized as a Chulalongkorn University Center of Excellence in 2007. ARCM activities include: conducting research on migration topics related to development, health and forced migration; setting up a resource information center on migration-related issues; strengthening links with other academic institutions, civil society organization, governmental and non-governmental organizations; and disseminating data and information based on its research. ARCM provides information on migration to the general public in the form of published research, statistical data and policy recommendations concerning cross-border migration, with a focus on the Southeast Asian region. ARCM also offers its expertise and services to individuals and organizations through lectures, seminars, trainings and consultancies. ARCM’s core team comprises not only members of the academic community of Chulalongkorn University but also a multi-disciplinary group of committed researchers, including both Thai and international experts, with backgrounds in a diverse range of academic fields relevant to migration. ARCM is a member of a variety of academic networks including the Asia Pacific Migration Research Network, the Global Development Network, the International Association of Forced Migration and others.

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