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Muslim Studies Center
Muslim Studies Center
Muslim Studies Center

The Muslim Studies Center has been established to encourage the academic research and public understanding on Muslim society and culture both in domestic (Thailand) and international level. It is an inter-disciplinary research unit which was established in 2005 as a center under the Institute of Asian Studies (IAS) Chulalongkorn University. The Muslim Studies Center has been set up to cope with current situations and changes in Asia and the World.

At present, Muslim studies have increasingly received the public and academic attention, although most of the discussion has centered narrowly on the contemporary issues of security and terrorism due to the events of 9/11. The variability and flexibility of Muslim practices and perspectives have not featured in this discourse. It leaves the public largely unaware of complexities, achievements and challenges of the Muslim World. The Center is working to fulfill this imbalance by broadening the studies and discussion to introduce more comparison and complexity in the study of Muslim affairs from Middle East, through the South Asia, East Asia and Malay world. By focusing on Muslim (not Islamic) studies, the Center encourages the shift in analysis from the notion of a single unitary religious matters defined by Islam to a more complex view of Muslims as agents in the construction of their own experience and history.

Today, The Muslim Studies Center is moving into the future with the vision of being a source of Muslim knowledge and reference for national and international community. This accomplishment will be fulfilled by a team work of qualified researchers who are expert on various dimensions relating to the Muslim World.

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