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Japanese Studies Program
Japanese Studies Program
Japanese Studies Program

During the past three decades, Japan has been an important case study for successful economic development. Recently, countries in Southeast Asia have come closer in the attempt to create one community, the ASEAN community. In accordance to this movement, Japanese studies has to adjust its approach. To focus only on Japan may is not sufficient. The activities of the Japanese Studies Program include educating people, conducting research and organizing academic events. This includes promoting coordination both within the university’s research environment and between research institutions elsewhere. These coordination efforts involve researchers on Japanese issues both in Thailand and throughout the Asian region in order to promote greater harmony and understanding between the various parties involved.

Currently, The Japanese Studies Program has the resources necessary to improve its coordination efforts, research activities, training, and publications concerning Japan. A variety of parties will participate in this effort: the Institute of Asian Studies, other academic departments at Chulalongkorn University, research centers at other universities, the private sector and government organizations. The activities of the Japanese Studies Program are intended to enhance deeper understanding among the people of Thailand, Japan and the Asian region through research, workshops, seminars and publications.

During the past 20 years, the Japanese Studies Program, with the support of the Embassy of Japan, has conducted the Workshop on Japanese Studies for secondary school teachers all over the country. This year the Workshop was arranged at Nakornratchasima Province on the 21 March 2014. The purpose of the Workshop was to offer updated information on Japanese society to school teachers who were the source of knowledge in their communities. Mutual understanding between the people of two countries will strengthen the existing economic and political relations.

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