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ภาษาพม่าน่าเรียน เล่ม 2  MYANMAR COURSE FOR ALL PART 2
ภาษาพม่าน่าเรียน เล่ม 2 MYANMAR COURSE FOR ALL PART 2
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Like in Myanmar Course for All Book I, this book stems from basic
Myanmar II Language Course sponsored by the 5 Area Studies in the year
2002. This Book II, however, covers much wider topics on different areas
allowing learners and users from different fields of study to develop their
Myanmar language learning.
Moreover, care has been taken to ensure that the variety of new
topics, along with a wide range of vocabularies used in this book are
relevant and credible to all users. In addition to the new subject areas,
there are a few topics similar to the ones in Book I. This is to help
learners to warm up their previous knowledge on their Myanmar language
Furthermore the structure of the language used here are not very
formal. Rather, the dialogues and language practice section are quite
practical in order to help learners to prepare themselves to use the
language more freely when they are required to do so.
Also, in the appendix, there is a review section on tones, symbols,
pronunciation hints and a few others for learners to recall their basic
knowledge on Myanmar language phonology. Nevertheless, not being a
language historian or a descriptive linguist, my work may not meet the
expectations of those experts.
But, taking into account, the students’ needs and demands, I have
put much emphasis on what might be useful to them. Consequently, I
have added one special review section on language exercises based on
books I and II. I, therefore have good hopes that this Myanmar Course
for All Book II will be of some use to those who wish to further develop
their Myanmar language studies. Besides, it might also be helpful to the
general public who are preparing themselves to welcome the ASEAN
Economic Community.




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